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Five Twitter Tips (Plus One More I Thought Was Obvious)

A few weeks ago on my blog, I mentioned Twitter as one of my big personal time drains that I allowed to keep me from completing my blogging tasks efficiently. I half meant this in jest, because although I do spend way too much time on Twitter, it has been one of the most useful tools for driving traffic to my blogs. I have to admit that I didn’t “get” Twitter at first… 140 character blurbs about what you’re doing at any given moment? It sounded like a huge ADHD party for people with nothing better to do. But once I committed to exploring Twitter a bit deeper, I found that it’s a great relationship building tool – and one that naturally leads to contact via other means, such as email, discussion forums, and yes, blogs.

It’s easy to get a little (okay, a lot) carried away with Twitter, given the variety of apps that let you send and receive tweets (messages) from just about anywhere. Taken in moderation, though, there are few tools that will let you find like-minded, interested people as effectively as this one.

Here are a few of the insights I have garnered regarding Twitter over the past several weeks:

  • Twitter is a social networking tool, not just an advertising vehicle. Constantly pimping your blogs is a pretty poor way to get people interested in what you have to say. Instead, engage your followers. Let them know what you’re doing in your day to day life; inspire them with quotes and pearls of wisdom; post links to pictures and videos if you feel comfortable with that level of transparency. I’ve said it before – people buy from people they like, know, and trust – and Twitter is a great way to develop relationships. You know the guy at the coffee shop who knows your kids’ names, and asks how your boss is treating you these days? Yeah. Twitter lets you be that guy… only on a much larger scale.
  • The more engaging your Tweets, the more followers you’ll have. And I’m not talking about just average Joes here… in the few weeks that I’ve been actively using Twitter, I’ve gained the interest of Jack Canfield, Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse, and Fabienne Frederickson, just to name a few. These are highly influential people who can instantly vlow your traffic through the roof with just a single mention. It’s good to have that kind of audience.
  • The two most magical letters of the internet today are “RT”. In case you haven’t used Twitter, “RT” means “re-tweet”. The idea is that if you post something of value to your followers, and it really resonates, they will re-tweet the post to their followers using the prefix “RT” along with a link to your Twitter profile. So your post reaches a much wider audience than just your own followers. Say you have 1,000 followers, and 100 of them re-tweet your post to their 1,000 Followers UK… then your post has reached 101,000 people… with no extra effort on your part! Think that’s good for traffic? Boy howdy!
  • You should spend time on Twitter every day to stay on people’s minds. Despite my earlier comments about using Twitter too much, it really is important to post and interact every day. Twitter is an evanescent media… you can fade from the internet public’s eye as quickly as you appeared. That doesn’t mean you need to post 100 times a day… just that you need to stay visible to make it work for you.
  • As with any internet media, there are plenty of spammers on Twitter. Ignore them. Or better yet, unfollow them. Twitter is a surprisingly positive social media vehicle, and followers don’t take too kindly to admonishing other users (spammers or not). Plus, jumping a spammer’s case is a waste of time. Just click “unfollow” and be done with it.

Oh, and one last tidbit…

  • If you’re trying to use Twitter to build backlinks to your posts/blogs/websites, you’re wasting your time. Twitter has adopted “no follow” tags throughout the site. This means that any links you post won’t count as backlinks for search engine ranking purposes. I wasn’t going to include this because I thought it was obvious, but I’ve dealt with numerous users lately who thought they were building these great link campaigns by constantly tweeting links to their sites. Sorry guys.

Well, there you go. As I mentioned, I’m a bit late on the Twitter bandwagon, so I’m certainly no “guru” when it comes to using this site. But if you haven’t been using it, I highly recommend that you start, using the tips above as a rough guideline to adjust your expectations.

Lee Rowley is a copywriter, internet marketer, and pro-blogger. His blog, Blogger’s Workshop [], is filled with tips, resources, and insights for building a successful and profitable blogging business.


Making Followers a Key Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy 2019

Instagram can be one of the best ways to get your message, whether it’s a promotional message for a business website, a sales pitch, or even just an interesting bit of information, to the world right now. Making Instagram a part of your Internet marketing strategy is dependent on having a large number of Buy Instagram Followers Australia .

However, in order to reach prime levels of exposure, you need to have an enormous list of followers. Follow these, and you’ll be well on your way to using Instagram to make money or generate web traffic.

  1. Follow them! Many people will return the favor of following them just as an act of common courtesy. Although not everyone will, hopefully enough will to justify the effort. That said, you should focus on those other Instagram users whom have a set of interests that coincide with your business or your website. Nothing drives people away like content that they aren’t interested in.
  2. Post great Posts just before following new people. When people see that you have added them, they’re going to not only look at your profile, but also your recent Posts. By having greatly-crafted tweets immediately available to them, you will ensure that the first thing that they see is the best that you have to offer.
  3. Make sure your bio is great. Take the time to craft your personal bio profile page into a work of communicative art. It should explain who you are, what you do, and above all else, why people should be coming to your website or buying your product on a regular basis. This is one of the first ways that you’re going to be communicating people, and should be neglected only at your own peril.
  4. Create Instagram buttons on your website. Just because people have been coming to your website for months doesn’t mean that they’re following you on Instagram – they may not even know you Post! By adding a Instagram button in multiple locations on your website (but don’t overdo it!), you can make sure people know that you’re tweeting. As an added benefit, make sure to mention that you offer special promotions to your followers or other incentives.
  5. Repost! One of the best ways to get attention on Instagram is to repost the tweets of other Instagram. While this may seem initially redundant to you, the original poster will see that you repost them, and read your bio and your previous Posts out of curiosity – and then you have them. For More Information Please Visit


You Are Being Lied to About Instagram and Social Media 2019

I have never been a big fan of the guru induced hype surrounding social media, especially with Instagram . It’s nothing but a money making con. I’m not saying you can’t make the odd few bucks from Instagram by fooling other people into buying a “get rich with Instagram” product and take advantage of the hype, but as a sustainable online business with reliable recurring income the whole Instagram business model is a sham.

Just a bit of thought and testing shows how it cannot work. People do not have Instagram open for 24 hours a day waiting anxiously for our “special offers” to be Post to them. The pathetic, and expensive, software that auto builds thousands of accounts on different IP addresses is just a machine for churning out deception and false hopes.

I am trying to imagine what it must be like to have a thousand or more Instagram accounts with a few hundred people in each.

So, if you have a thousand Instagram accounts with just 100 people on each, the ‘gurus’ selling you this software build the false impression on their sales pages that you now have a huge Instagram list of 100,000 which, they argue has to make you money. Well, it’s just pure lies.

What you actually have is 1000 auto generated accounts with 100 followers in each. The only reason they are ‘following’ you in the first place is because they have a Instagram application set up to auto-follow. They don’t know you and you have no relationship with them and Buy Instagram Followers UK .

Years and years ago, (back in the day!), before the days of double optin and the Can Spam laws we used to buy useless co-reg leads by their tens of thousands. These leads were dirt cheap and you could build lists fasts. The only problem was that the vast majority of these ‘subscribers’ were inactive, they never read your emails and had no interest in you or your product. I think it was the great Terry Dean that started the thinking toward targeted lists or it may have been Yanik Silver… anyhow it was a time ago so forgive my memory lapse.

So, we have come full circle and are now just using Instagram instead of the co-reg, exit pop strategy. We never learn. In the second Jurassic Park movie, millionaire John Hammond said something like, “We won’t make that mistake again” to which Ian Malcolm replied, “Nope, you’re just making a whole load of new ones”. Yet again Internet marketing has shown itself to be nothing but vultures circling your wallet.

Enough of Instagram. Lets briefly talk about another guru favorite, Web2.0 social media websites. Are they powerhouses for authority link building loved by the search engines and guaranteed to give you a Number 1 Google ranking in a few hours?

Please, please! Let’s get real. I am not going into the Google debate other than to say I personally test a wide variety of factors and most of what you read is nonsense. If there’s a ‘buy now’ button in the article you can say it’s cr*p with almost 100% certainty. It’s an easy way to go about losing $97 time and again but there are probably better ways to lose a hundred bucks – like over a rib eye and a few cold beers with friends!

Seriously, are the Web2.0 properties any good for link building? Well, It depends upon your objectives. Presently the importance of links from almost all of these sites is drastically reduced in the eyes of Google. My last 2 test sites over a period of 4 months, (using good content and slow link building), has resulted in no back links being shown by Google. Google knows about the pages but is not giving them back link status.

For one of the niches you could see that Google liked videos, because the search term returned a lot of videos on the first page, but my videos are way down the list so they need some more link juice.

Yahoo and other search engines are however indexing like crazy. My Hubs, (in HubPages obviously), was showing up after a few hours and most everything else has been indexed including the videos. Traffic to both is slow but I shall see what a couple more months of link building does. I wasn’t expecting a traffic avalanche as they are both in high competition, over subscribed, niches which is probably part of the reason for Googles reluctance to give them some authority.

If you jumped on the Angela’s backlinks bandwagon and were dismayed by your results then don’t be. Google knows your link is there but it may not be willing to give it back link status. If anybody has any anchor text links showing from Angela’s method being indexed by Google using the link: operator please leave a comment or let me know.

Let’s sum up all this Instagram, social media garbage from your ‘friends’ promising to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams and listen, just for 2 minutes to a guy who just about invented social media as we understand it on the Net ans Buy Followers UK .


Build a Relationship and the Rest Will Follow – Or Build a Relationship With Your Followers

One of the things many people miss with Instagram, Facebook and all other social media platforms (and often marketing in general) is the importance of building a relationship. Too often on a site like Instagram or Facebook the end goal becomes getting the biggest number of followers, when the true goal should actually be building the largest number of relationships.

You see a follower is just that, they will follow you, sometimes listen to you, sometimes believe you, sometimes interact with you, and sometimes buy from you. And of course the goal of marketing, is to get someone to buy from you. But followers only do this sometimes.

Those who you’ve built relationships do it a lot more often. Because they trust you, because they know you and because you are more than just a name on a screen to them. You are a real live, breathing person. And because of that, they will do business more often with you.

Just look at some of the bigger names to see how true this is. There are people who have branded themselves, and built a relationship of trust with those around them that they can simply send a little email with a link and a “CLICK HERE” message, and you know what, people will buy it. Would they do the same from someone who they were simply following? Perhaps, but highly unlikely. They are buying YOU. Yourself and your brand are what they are buying.

How do you build a relationship then?

Join their lists if they have one. This way you get to know their styles, their marketing, pretty much as much as possible about them. Interact with them. If they send a email asking for help, or a couple questions etc, take the time to respond. You’d be amazed how simple this is, but how well it can help you build a relationship with them. Promote them. Even if you don’t get anything for it. Or if you’d rather get “something” from it, be an affiliate for them.

Give them ideas. Got an idea that is perfect for their market, or something that could be added to one of their products etc, let them know. Sometimes giving without having to get in return, is the best way to “get” something in return. Talk to them. They are real people after all (at least most of them LOL) Shoot them off an email, wish them a happy birthday on their birthday, anything to make yourself stand out from the rest of the bunch. So when it comes to Instagram and other social media platforms you need to take a look at HOW you are building your business on them. Are you building followers UK? Or are you building relationships?

Social media is just that, a social media. Instagram for business [] should be no different. To learn more about how to use Instagram for business check out


Twitter For Business – Building Relationships One Tweet at a Time

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that allows users to communicate using short messages with 140 characters in real time.

Twitter is also an excellent tool for obtaining feedback and helps businesses keep an ear on the ground, so they are aware of what is being said about them. The First step is to visit the Twitter website and click the Join the conversation! Green Box to create a username and password. While you may choose to create a personal Twitter account, it is advisable to create a separate Twitter account for your Company, and establish a corporate brand on Twitter.

Hot tip:

Give some thought to how you want to be perceived on Twitter. A customized professional background is essential to be taken seriously on Twitter and establish yourself as an expert or specialist.

To get the best value out of Twitter, your objective should be to get people interested in following you. You also want followers to click on your URL link in your profile and visit a landing page where you can get them to opt-in to your email list.

Building Relationships

Twitter is a social media platform built around interaction with others relationships building is what it’s all about. The stronger the relationships the more likely followers will buy from you in the long run.

Value Added Content

On Twitter, your Buy Followers UK will judge you by the quality of your content. Sending out tweets like, “Out for a meeting” or “had a busy day” is empty of content and will have followers unsubscribing in droves. Your approach should be post tweets that people will appreciate, re-tweet or respond to. Try posting tweets that have likelihood to go viral, so they end up generating excitement and an army of followers.

Hot tip:

Monitor people in your network to see if you can offer specific help to others. You will be seen as someone who cares about your followers and your reputation will grow.

Twitter Leverage

You can leverage your Twitter feed in a number of ways. The simplest ways are to add them to your Facebook profile, LinkedIn, and blogs. Besides, regular tweeting will ensure that, your content will be fresh where your Twitter feed is used. Further, people who view the feed can begin following you on Twitter so your network begins to expand.

Regular Interaction

Intriguing questions on Twitter can generate a buzz and a viral effect as viewers re-tweet your questions to their network of Buy Active Followers UK , phenomenally expanding your reach. Keeping an eye on other people’s questions and responding with solutions to their problems will bring you recognition as a valuable member of Tweetosphere and an expert in your field. For More Information Please Visit


Social Media – Instagram For Business – Basics Done Right! Part 2019

Hopefully you read the previous article about how to create a sustained Instagram following entitled: Instagram For Business Done Right! My recommendation is you read that first!

Now before we get too far along here, I want you to remember (because remember…There is no crying in  that results are going to be varied depending how engaged you are. And if you didn’t read and actually implement what I told you in the first article, you aren’t going to be as happy as those that did. (Shameless plug to read the article, but it does provide good info!) Some of the things that are going to affect the results are:

  • Followers – who is following you can have an impact as well as who you follow (so your tweets are seen)
  • Velocity – There is going to be a noticeable difference in the outcome of someone who tweets once a week and another who Post 5-10 times a day.

If all you have done is get your Instagram account setup, now is a good time to get15-20 tweets in. Don’t know what to Post about? You could follow some of the Godfather of Social Media, Chris Brogan’s advice in an article entitled: 19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day

  1. Share a quote or an article of interest.
  2. Point out a few people that you admire. It shows your mindset, too.

Give some consideration to setting up a SocialOomph account. This is a great tool for a lot of reasons, one of which is that you can send an automated Direct Message to welcome people or sent them to your site. I for one ask people to catch me on LinkedIn, Facebook and check out my blog. The result of which is I have made a good number of friends and contacts that I wouldn’t have known otherwise and Instagram Followers UK .

Let’s work on your following…

Have you come to grips with either the type of people or interests that you would like to follow? Do you have a target focus or market identified? Perhaps you already have some people in mind that you want to follow?

To search out those interests, use the search key on Instagram.

Or if you are looking more geographically, consider using a tool like Epicfollowers provides the ability to lookup people by category or by location. It is “the” tool I use when I want a targeted following (especially if I want geo-targeted followers) It is likely that you will have a myriad of folks to choose from and follow.

Start following some folks! You might want to follow people and who they are following as well.

Don’t go for numbers…go for quality followers.

Don’t be fooled by someone just because they have a lot of Followers UK . While they may follow you back, they may not be as engaged as the person who has a comparatively small number of people they follow.

I am NOT an advocate of just following to follow for numbers alone. The Instagram Gods do not look kindly on folks who follow and unfollow the same folks in a short period of time. Until the time that your tweets are consistently bringing value to your followers, expect about 40-50% of the people to follow you back. Instagram has a 2,000 follow limit, so pick and choose carefully. When you get to this point, you will need to read the next article to see about growing from there.

Can I automate this a little bit?

If you don’t want to manually click every follower – you should buy HUMMINGBIRD – This sweet little tool will automate the whole process. Check it out, if you’re serious about growing a big following fast. I use it and it works very well! It used to take me about 2 hours to follow 1K people -With HUMMINGBIRD, it takes about 2 minutes.

Are you interested in how to use social media in your business? Don’t know where to start or which sites you should be using for your business? Believe it or not, not doing social media right can actually harm your business.

If you are looking for free tips or advice on how to approach your social media, go to Social Media Dudes

Benefits of Blogging in an Ecommerce Business

Here are some reasons as to why blogging can be important for your e-commerce growth:

1. SEO

Blogging helps businesses rank better that ultimately can help gaining traffic to your ecommerce site. Start linking your articles with website using links from other sites. Start generating back links to your website, this will help your business climb higher in the search engine rating.

2. Create a personality for your business

Build relations with your blog visitors and audience. Write and post stuffs regularly on your blog for an increased visibility and building brand’s personality. The visitors to your site will get to know more about your business through the personal approach rather than just seeing your website. Keep your comment section in your blogs open for readers to comment their views.

3. Helps educating your customers

Blogs are effective way to provide useful and practical information to your audience and lets you convert visitors into customers, ultimately helping you increase engagement on social and other modes of media. When you link your products with your blog, chances are that customers will visit your website and if not at the first time, they may return later for more quality blog and can buy from your later.

4. Helps you go Viral

Encourage your blog visitors to promote your posts on social channels like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as these platforms helps getting good readership, Instagram Followers UK and friends for your brand. Create strong internal links with anchor text that helps you link to your product pages.

5. Generate traffic

Blog regularly and keep a record of it, when and what you post so that you know when you update your blog and how active you are socially. Search engine usually keep a track of these changes. Each new page is a sign that your site is active or not. This is also a great way to encourage repeat visits to your ecommerce store.

6. Managing and responding to complaints

There will be negative comments too but you can respond to them and can get genuine feedback that you can use to help your business grow better. This way you are perceived by your blog readers and the online community. For More Information Please Visit

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