Social Media – Instagram For Business – Basics Done Right! Part 2019

Hopefully you read the previous article about how to create a sustained Instagram following entitled: Instagram For Business Done Right! My recommendation is you read that first!

Now before we get too far along here, I want you to remember (because remember…There is no crying in  that results are going to be varied depending how engaged you are. And if you didn’t read and actually implement what I told you in the first article, you aren’t going to be as happy as those that did. (Shameless plug to read the article, but it does provide good info!) Some of the things that are going to affect the results are:

  • Followers – who is following you can have an impact as well as who you follow (so your tweets are seen)
  • Velocity – There is going to be a noticeable difference in the outcome of someone who tweets once a week and another who Post 5-10 times a day.

If all you have done is get your Instagram account setup, now is a good time to get15-20 tweets in. Don’t know what to Post about? You could follow some of the Godfather of Social Media, Chris Brogan’s advice in an article entitled: 19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day

  1. Share a quote or an article of interest.
  2. Point out a few people that you admire. It shows your mindset, too.

Give some consideration to setting up a SocialOomph account. This is a great tool for a lot of reasons, one of which is that you can send an automated Direct Message to welcome people or sent them to your site. I for one ask people to catch me on LinkedIn, Facebook and check out my blog. The result of which is I have made a good number of friends and contacts that I wouldn’t have known otherwise and Instagram Followers UK .

Let’s work on your following…

Have you come to grips with either the type of people or interests that you would like to follow? Do you have a target focus or market identified? Perhaps you already have some people in mind that you want to follow?

To search out those interests, use the search key on Instagram.

Or if you are looking more geographically, consider using a tool like Epicfollowers provides the ability to lookup people by category or by location. It is “the” tool I use when I want a targeted following (especially if I want geo-targeted followers) It is likely that you will have a myriad of folks to choose from and follow.

Start following some folks! You might want to follow people and who they are following as well.

Don’t go for numbers…go for quality followers.

Don’t be fooled by someone just because they have a lot of Followers UK . While they may follow you back, they may not be as engaged as the person who has a comparatively small number of people they follow.

I am NOT an advocate of just following to follow for numbers alone. The Instagram Gods do not look kindly on folks who follow and unfollow the same folks in a short period of time. Until the time that your tweets are consistently bringing value to your followers, expect about 40-50% of the people to follow you back. Instagram has a 2,000 follow limit, so pick and choose carefully. When you get to this point, you will need to read the next article to see about growing from there.

Can I automate this a little bit?

If you don’t want to manually click every follower – you should buy HUMMINGBIRD – This sweet little tool will automate the whole process. Check it out, if you’re serious about growing a big following fast. I use it and it works very well! It used to take me about 2 hours to follow 1K people -With HUMMINGBIRD, it takes about 2 minutes.

Are you interested in how to use social media in your business? Don’t know where to start or which sites you should be using for your business? Believe it or not, not doing social media right can actually harm your business.

If you are looking for free tips or advice on how to approach your social media, go to Social Media Dudes