Month: December 2018

How a Small Business Can Use Instagram Followers

If you want to really know how a small business can use Instagram you have to ask someone that has been doing nothing but. Sounds like a no brainer, but there are a lot of people trying to become the Instagram gurus of our day, and very few of them are selling anything EXCEPT their programs. Which is not brick and mortar…which is not real.

I was a Madison Avenue Copywriter/Keyword Specialist for 21 years at some of the biggest ad agencies in the world. But in the past 15 months, my focus has been on Instagram, ONLY! Over that time, I have built a follower base of 600,000 and that number is now growing at a rate of 3,000 per day.

Here’s what I know. Let me spill here.

If you are a small business, you need to set up several Instagram accounts (yes, you are allowed several) and you need to name each account a keyword in your business. This will get that keyword to the promised land…GOOGLE PAGE 1.

You will then begin to follow people who are exactly who you want as Targeted Buy Instagram Followers Australia. You will do this each and every day using the Instagram functions that are all driven by KEYWORDS.

You will not be too aggressive with your followings daily as that will get your account suspended and will NEVER return (trust me). You will unfollow those that do not follow you back in order to keep your ratios on Instagram perfect.

Now comes the tricky part.

You will stream into those accounts GREAT CONTENT about your site multiple times per day. This content must be exceptional…and not just with the intention of selling. People do not like to be sold to, they want to buy…you start that process by allowing them to like you and your content.

Now for my most important recommendation…DO NOT ASSUME THAT SALES WILL SIMPLY HAPPEN. Your Posts must continue to send people to learn more about what makes you so special. Your blog, your web pages and everything you promote must show off consistently great content.

If you do not have those things in place, start an article marketing campaign (very inexpensive) and have your traffic visit those.

Trust me, if you really want to know how a small business can use Instagram you must UNDERSTAND that Instagram traffic loves new things…new content.

If they click on your links they get that new stuff.

Let your content bring them closer and closer to you.

The sales will follow.

Trust me.

To learn more about how you can create ultra targeted Instagram accounts and content for your business, contact

Internet Marketing Tips – How to Build Your Own Personal Instagram Army

Instagram is one of the most discussed ways of marketing online in recent history. People seem to either love it or have no idea on how to make use of it. Fact is Instagram can be a powerful tool in your internet marketing arsenal if you know how to utilize it appropriately. By building up an army of zealous excited Followers UK you can make more sales and get the word out about your business real quick! In this internet marketing tips article, you will learn how to build your very own Instagram army!

  1. Keep it casual

If all your Posts are about your internet business you’re going to have a very difficult time keeping followers on your list. That’s why it is recommended you post one business related tweet to every twenty-five personal Posts. People don’t like to feel like they are been pushed to buy something, post too much about your internet business and your followers list will drop like flies! People love to know more about who they are dealing with, what you are currently doing and so on. Keep it personal and post Post about internet marketing tips or product once in a while and people will be excited to read your Post every time!

  1. Follow as much people as you can

If you follow many people chances are they will reciprocate. So if you’re not familiar with Instagram and you’re trying to get many followers, simple start following as many people as you can. As you become famous in the Instagram verse you can cease following some people and only follow the one’s that fall within your category. In addition, you want your Buy Instagram Followers UK to be individuals who would potentially be interested in your offer so endeavor to follow people like that.

  1. Spam messages

Direct message is an excellent way to chat with people without posting a Post on your Instagram home page. A lot of people send out direct messages to new followers on their list. That’s a good idea. However, do not send a spam

  1. Background and profile picture

You have to make your page unique so create a good looking custom background for your Instagram page. And that will ensure that more individuals will not forget you.

  1. Back links

Ideally you want visitor to be able to organically locate your Instagram page. So get your internet business website on your Post. This will create back links and also make your Instagram page more identifiable in search engines.

If you this internet marketing tips steps you’ll be able to build a strong Instagram army in no time!

Instagram Success Series – Making Your Photo Work 2019

This is probably the most important part of the set-up process as it’s the first thing that people see and gravitate towards when they see you on Instagram. You may have heard the phrase ‘People buy people first’. In fact I mentioned it earlier – it’s the same in social networking. I’ve often heard people say that they’re not in sales so they don’t need a photo that sells them well. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even if you’re only using Instagram to meet new people socially, your image is what people look at first to determine what sort of a person you are. This is a human instinct that dates back millions of years. We look at someone’s face to see if they’re friendly and to assess their emotions and feelings towards us. We do it hundreds of times a day and it’s as vital on Instagram as it is in the real world. Your photo must therefore be a snapshot of what you want people to see, which in most cases is a friendly, happy, bright person who looks like they could be open to being contacted. If you are using Instagram for business, this becomes a vital part of your interaction with potential Buy Followers UK .

There are a few little ‘rules’ that I personally think apply to your photo on Instagram or indeed, any social media site.

Actually upload a photo – This might seem painfully obvious, but the number of people who don’t put a photo on their profile is amazing to me. As one of my colleagues in social networking says: ‘You wouldn’t go networking with a paper bag on your head’, so why would you prevent people seeing you when that situation is transferred to the online world?

Looking Good – If you met someone at a networking event and they’d decided to turn up wearing a grubby t-shirt, three quarter length trousers, old trainers and had a week’s growth of stubble, you’d think ‘Wow, she’s really let herself go’. Seriously though, whether male or female, the way you look is important as people will judge you on it, whether you like it or not. If you look business-like, they’re more likely to do business with you. So, find a good picture of yourself that puts across the image that you want people to have of you. Simple really. Even if this just means wearing a shirt or blouse instead of a T-shirt, it will change people’s perception of you.


Logo No Go – A surprising number of business people who run small to medium businesses have a logo as their Instagram profile picture. Often, their thinking behind this choice is that they want to look like a big company to attract more respect and credibility from people. Quite simply, this is a mistake. Think about it: Unless you are a large multi-national company, they will be dealing with you personally when they do business with you. So start the relationship by showing them who you are and what a lovely friendly individual you are. Don’t hide behind a logo, no matter how pretty it is. Like I said, people buy people first.

Sunny Side Up – For many of the same reasons as having a friendly photo, don’t wear sunglasses. They act as a barrier between you and the outside world. We’re programmed to look at someone’s eyes first when we talk to them and to keep looking back at them as we chat. If I can’t see your eyes, I won’t feel a connection to you. The same applies to social media sites like Instagram.

All Change – Try not to change your photo too much. If you change your look (say, with a radically different hairstyle) then change your photo. But don’t keep putting up a new photo every week if you still look the same. Having a photo that people recognize means that they’re actually recognizing you personally, as well as what you stand for and what you tweet about. Changing it is disconcerting for people and gets in the way of you building a rapport with them.

Sensitive Information – It might sound odd, but make sure that your photo doesn’t contain sensitive information about you. For example, a colleague told me that he’d seen a girl’s profile picture (the daughter of a friend) which had been taken outside her house, clearly showing the house number. If you click a photo on someone’s profile, it will maximize it to nearly full screen size. If anything that shouldn’t be there actually is, it will be seen.

So, with that in mind, I’d like to invite you to find out more about marketing online and using social media to do it via my Internet Marketing Blog (].

You’ll learn how to build your brand online and if you click on this Social Media Marketing [] link, you’ll see some of the huge potential social media has for your business and income.

Getting Followers on Instagram 2019

Imagine Instagram as a pond full of fish; this pond has many types of fish, full of different likes and dislikes, different personalities and hobbies, different ethnicities and nationalities. Luring in those sneaky fish and actually reeling them in is the hard part. You have to find your correct niche, lure them in, and snatch ’em right up!

Learning your niche is the first part of the process. When you want to get your product or service out, find a couple categories and keywords that pertain to it. Selling a weight loss product that helps people lose weight by jump roping? Use the keyword, “how to lose weight by jump roping,” or just simply “losing weight.” Maybe you’re selling a hot new toy for teens. Try to mash a keyword together looking for moms to buy something for their teens for Christmas, like “What should I buy my teen for Christmas?” Having these keywords ready and on hand will help you put the bait on.

When you find the right keyword or phrase for your product, you have to lure your prospective buyer in. This is the hard part, most people just follow these people and expect something back. Almost all of the time, they look at your display tweet right next to your name on their Follower UK list. If you’re a spammer with unrelated Posts, asta la vista! You have to make your Posts interesting and relevant. Always have your best Posts in your arsenal. When you’re adding a certain group of people, always have their keywords on your Posts to make sure you can reel them in.

When you finally get them to follow back, you have reeled your fish in; getting your niche correct with the correct keywords and phrases will get you the right fish that will become your future Buy Instagram Followers UK. Good luck fishing!

Robotir (  ) is a fresh, new way to automate your Instagram account; need to get a Post out in about an hour? Simple enough. Need to market something or get a list of prospective buyers? Go right ahead, it’s there for you. Emerson Matson is a web developer and designer from Tacoma, Washington.